Welcome to The High Grade Geek.  The purpose of this Blog and Forum is to serve technical staff in the Mining Industry, with the intent of providing pertinent and useful information regarding advances in mining software and hardware.  The best way to make it work is to get input from You, the User!  If you have a Review, Tip, Update, anything relating to Mining Software or Hardware, feel free to email the idea or article to admin@thehighgradegeek.com, and it will be reviewed and posted!

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There is One Rule of the Blog and Forum – neither are a place for flaming, slander, or trolling.  Do NOT come here to post a complaint about a product – take it up with the manufacturer.  Do NOT attack any other user for asking a question – everyone is here to learn, not to be derided for asking a question.  Likewise, if a question has been answered repeatedly in the forum, the post will be deleted at the discretion of the moderators.  Violation of this simple rule will result in a ban from the blog and/or forum.

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