Maptek BlastLogic™ – Smarter Blasting Through Technology!

Maptek has released their BlastLogic™ package, which apparently integrates an open pit blast design database with real-world blasthole data to enable sites to more accurately control the load factor etc. of the as-drilled pattern.  This should certainly improve blast efficiency in many situations, given the inherent variability of blast patterns from their ideal design.

Likewise, post-shot data such as video, photos, or LiDAR scans can be incorporated into the database for further blast analysis such as efficiency and fragmentation.  Sounds like a match made in heaven for Split Engineering’s fragmentation analysis software, eh?

Additional information was sparse at this time (such as integration with drill GPS systems, other hardware and software requirements, etc.) but keep looking here and at the Maptek Blog page for updates as they become available!

Image Used with Permission

Image Used with Permission