Comparing LiDAR to Photogrammetry for Cultural Heritage – Mines take note!

There is an ongoing debate with regard to the use of LiDAR or Photogrammetry for remote sensing in mines, usually revolving around the question of time vs device cost vs data accuracy.  Recently there has been a research study examining the advantages of  LiDAR scanning over Photogrammetry for cultural heritage projects. (Link to a link to the research study.)(Is a link to a link even legal?)


I find a lot of mines using Photogrammetry because of the range issues that used to exist with LiDAR – it was hard to find a unit that would give a reasonable accuracy at the long range required for open pit projects. However, more recent units developed by companies like Riegl, Maptek, and Optech are providing high accuracy at long range (~10mm up to 1km range).