What the Heck is a Zeebedee? A Handheld Scanner with Seuss-Style Design, That’s What

A new handheld LiDAR scanner has hit the interwebs in the past few days, which goes by the name Zeebedee (apparently of Biblical origin).  Not a lot of information is available on it just yet (including a price) but what is most interesting is the form factor and data acquisition process.  The best way to describe it is simply to post a video:

Some specs that were available online list the operating range at up to 30m, which will certainly not cut it for an open pit but could be great for underground applications.  The acquisition time would be significnatly faster than a CMS device, and there’s really no reason this scanner couldn’t be mounted on a boom for safety in newly-stoped areas.

It looks really useful, though I can’t help but think of the Tough-Tufted Prickly Snick-Berry Switch every time I see it.

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