Looking for an Alternative to Acquire? Geobank may have (and store) your Number

One of the biggest names in mining data storage is Acquire, who have established themselves as a premier database management system that can intertwine with most of the General Mining Packages, offers strong data security and auditing, and multiple levels of data manipulation access from viewing through administration.  However, having a powerful tool can often come with a powerful price tag depending on the needs of the end-user, number of seats, etc.

Micromine Pty Ltd., makers of Micromine mining software, have developed Geobank as an alternative to Acquire, and it looks to be a strong contender.  It is capable of similar user task designations as Acquire, meaning there can be one overall “admin” who takes care of database structure and modifications, data entry users who can input data but not modify, or simply viewer/exporter users who can use the data but not add or edit. Likewise, it can display drillhole logs as well as other graphical reports, and validate and query the database on the fly.

Additional modules allow for storing samples in multiple coordinate bases (as well as transforming between coordinate types), compositing and exporting intervals on-the-fly, sample and laboratory tracking, and QA/QC analysis on the data.  There is also a coal-specific plug-in for Geobank.

Geobank utilizes SQL databases, so it’s possible to make scripts to build in additional functionality if so inclined.

According to the Micromine sales rep, Geobank can be yours for the low-low price of US$20,000, though annual maintenance and additional modules will likely increase that price tag a bit depending upon the needs of the end-user.  For more information visit the Geobank website.

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