Maptek releases I-Site 8400 Mid-Range Scanner, takes away photo drape and viewfinder

Maptek has recently released specifications for their new I-Site 8400 LiDAR scanner, and if it functions anything like it’s older brother the 8800 model it could be a major player in mine surveying.  It has a somewhat shorter range than the 8800, but 1000m is still a decent distance for most open-pit operations.  The price is nice as well – it weighs in at around U.S.$125,000, or about half of the cost of the 8800, which should put it more into a budgetable item for many juniors and mid-tier mining companies, not to mention contracting companies.  One of the cost-saving sacrifices was the built-in camera – as such the 8400 cannot do a photo drape.  (Editor’s note – if you’re using a General Mining Package on-site most of them have photo-draping capabilities – for the difference in cost get a really nice SLR camera and do the drapes outside of I-Site if necessary.)  A really keen addition to the 8400 was the inclusion of an internal compass, which simplifies the scan registration process by pre-aligning the scans relative to magnetic north.  However, this addition comes at the loss of the viewfinder eyepiece, so visual backsighting cannot be done with the 8400.  The setup is the same as the 8800 – in other words, a smooth and simple interface and very fast data acquisition in a self-contained compact unit.

All things considered, if the price tag of the 8800 is a bit too much to swallow but the range of the Faro Focus3D is too short to be useful the 8400 might just fit the bill.  For more information check out the 8400’s website.


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