Surpac gets a shot of N2O – Speed Increases All Around

The good folks at Gemcom put out a press release today which highlighted the speed improvements built into their latest iteration of Surpac, version 6.3.  One of the most notable is the “solids repair functionality” which promises to reduce the required time to fix wireframes from “hours to minutes”, while still offering manual repair options as well.  This seems intriguing given their example of combining stope solids – if it can automatically remove internal walls and other sources of error, a lot of time will most certainly be saved over manually searching and replacing those problem areas.  Other packages such as Vulcan have had simple wireframe auto-correction tools for quite a while, so the question remains if these tools in Surpac exceed what is already available or if they are merely catching up.

Some other notable entries in the speed scene are “improved distance estimation that is up to 100 times faster, and a 15% performance increase in all block modelling estimation techniques.”

Likewise, improvements to Pit design functionality and to the CAD tools are of note for this release.

More information on Surpac can be found at the Gemcom website.


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