DMT CoreScan 3 – Bulk Core Scanning at its Finest

Following the long-standing trend of excellent German engineering, the folks at DMT have developed a roller bed core scanner to streamline core logging for a variety of applications.

The scanner is capable of scanning up to 300m a day, broken down by up to 1m lengths.  longer sections are done in multiple scans and stitched together.  It is capable of high-res photography, structural analysis, and calculation of mineral content and grain size distribution.

One key aspect of the scanner and associated software is the potential for interoperability with General Mining Packages.  It would be great to see the output from the CoreScan 3 available as an image overlay on a drillhole when digitizing a geologic model.  Let’s see it GMPs!


More information on the CoreScan 3 can be found on DMT’s website.

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