Need Aerial? Rent a UAV

One of the more unique booths at PDAC this year had a 20′ fluorescent airplane as the centerpiece.  On first glance it appeared to be a model, but NAY – it was a fully functional Venturer 300-85X UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) to be fitted with various detection devices (up to 22kg including fuel) and flown over your area of choice.

Specifically, the plane is capable of running aerial photography routes as well as LiDAR scanning and geophysical (IR, magnetometry, and Synthetic Aperture Radar) scans. The safety factor for a unit such as this is tremendous – often LiDAR and geophysical surveys have to fly close to the ground, putting them in greater harm’s way.  With no pilot, there’s one less potential casualty (unless of course the plane collides with the remote control operator…)

There is a laundry list of killer features for this machine, which can be found at their website.

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