PDAC Show #2 – A FARO Focus3D In the Flesh (Or plastic/metal/glass…)

Having been covered in a previous post, the FARO Focus3D is an insanely popular LiDAR system due to high reliability, high accuracy, and incredibly low cost.  One was on display at PDAC this year, and the form factor was quite striking – it was much smaller than expected, slightly larger than an old Sony HandyCam camcorder from the 1990s.

A FARO Focus3D with the Acer 7' Tablet Controller for Scale

The device the fellow is holding next to it is a 7″ Acer Iconia tablet which is used to control the unit via wifi or bluetooth.  Very small and impressive, with the entire system fitting into a case which would easily fit in an overhead bin.

There was also a video on display at the booth showcasing a series of Focus3D scans in an underground mine, which is also on Youtube for general viewing:


(The yellow balls on the floor are targets for post-process positioning of the scans, and the blue circles in the floor are scanner setup positions.)


The biggest issue so far with the FARO system is range – unfortunately 120m is too short for most open pit application, but for an underground mine it should be a very serious purchase consideration.  For more information see the FARO website here, or throw the sales representative Brock a bone and visit his site at www.cansel.ca.


On a related note, LiDAR News has an interesting briefing on work being done by LidarUSA to integrate the Focus3D system into their ScanLook Mobile system as a mobile scanning unit (i.e. vehicle mounted.)  The article can be found here, which includes relevant links to the actual project website here.

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