Gemcom and MineSight Update Their Respective Softwares Minex 6.1 and MSBasis

In the past couple of days Gemcom and MineSight have each announced an update to one of their mining software offerings.

Gemcom has updated their Minex 6.1 stratigraphic modeling package, boasting a “new, innovative Underground Mine Design and Reserves Module,” with tools specifically designed for coal modeling, as well as a Quick Layout tool and 3D design options.  It also incorporates new and improved file management tools, scripting tools, and data transfer options.  More information can be found on their website here or on their “What’s New” documentation here.

MineSight’s release is geared towards grade estimation in resource modeling with their MSBasis program.  It now has the ability to multi-thread, meaning for kriging estimations it breaks up the calculations into “chunks” to be processed separately by however many processors a user’s system is running.  (By contrast, often times even with a quad-core or 8-core system most programs are not optimized for it, and leave all of the processing to only one of the multiple processors.)  According to Mintec, the kriging process should run “five to 15 times faster” than earlier versions.

The increase in processing speed and efficiency could have real implications from a resource modeling perspective, as it could certainly lead to the capability for true “real-time” simulation in the near future.  For example, as model parameters are changed, the entire resource model could near-instantly update to reflect the change in parameters.  Wouldn’t that be cool?  More information can be found on their website here.